How will WISSL engage with the club?

One of our primary aims is to develop structured, positive dialogue with the club on an ongoing basis. This is something many trusts have achieved and we would seek to have a formal ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ which will commit Board members of WISSL and Widnes Vikings RL to hold regular, relevant dialogue.
Some trusts even have a place on the board of the club either as a result of that advancing dialogue with the club or as a result of the shareholding they have acquired.
What is very important is that we grow our member base so that we carry more credibility with the club and therefore increase the chances of positive engagement.
The aim is to increase the voice of supporters by continuing a collective engagement with the club and lobbying for fan consultation on relevant and pertinent issues that affect all relationships with the club.
Additionally, support is growing across the political spectrum for the idea of independent and accountable directors on club boards, so it is important that we build a strong, high performing trust to ensure we are in a position to take advantage of this opportunity should it arise.