What is the difference between a Supporters Club and a Trust?

The main difference revolves around putting a professional face to the club and saying ‘we’re capable, skilled people with something to offer the club.’ That doesn’t mean that you’re unable to criticise or be beholden to the club – as a democratic organisation, the members determine the Trust and stance towards the club.
A CBS imposes certain disciplines on a group which we think can only be a good thing – democracy, accountability and transparency. This means that all members are involved in making decisions about how the Trust operates and how it interacts with the club.
Most Trusts work to bring together all supporters under one banner, to maximise the benefits to the club and ensure a clear line of communication with the club board.
Supporter’s clubs whilst being perfectly legitimate often become identified with a small band of individuals and can be seen to have limited consultation when making decisions about its activities. In many sports clubs, there are a number of supporters clubs which often results in duplication of actions that can result in conflict between each group.