The Trust has helped in the development of the community work carried out by Vikings in the Community, by using its charitable status to access Local Network Funding (LNF) and Community Champions funds which have allowed the delivery of :

  • A under 9’s girls tag tournament across the whole borough
  • A series of sporting based fun days to help children learn about the value of sport , to release tension, improve health and fitness, encourage teamworking and enjoyment. This was delivered in all the 56 junior schools in the borough
  • A cross generational bowling main in Hale Village, to help tackle the high level of ASBO’s issued for this ward of the borough.

In addition, we have advised local amateur and youth rugby groups on how to access the LNF and Every child matters funds.
Used the charitable status to access goods from Inkind Direct, these have been given to local voluntary groups to assist them in their work. We have given out aluminium water bottles to local junior rugby clubs, obtained rugby balls to be used by local children’s teams for practice purposes. Purchased some ‘keep fit’ items like abdominal exercisers and weights for use of the disabled groups.  
We have also purchased items which have been given to young people as promotional items at our various community events, with the idea of encouraging activity  – which on the whole has been achieved.
We have consulted with the club on larger community focused bids to broaden the breadth of the work, currently carried out – possibly to expand into the older age groups and those normally seen as excluded.
The Trust has supported the application of the Widnes Vikings Rugby League Museum, which was awarded a heritage lottery bid in 2007. The Trust obtained a grant to help cover the cost of the launch which included transporting local school children to the museum to be given an opportunity to explore and learn about how the borough’s social history has been entwined with the sport of Rugby League. These visits include the tour being provided by a locally born past player.
The Trust is also working with a local historian to compile and produce a three volume social history of Widnes Rugby League Football club. This will track the history of the club from its inception until it became a limited company, it will develop the story by looking at the lives of the players who wore the shirt of the club, giving details on their work and interests and the what life was like in the towns of the borough at that time.
The historian has also completed a virtual archive of programmes and club literature, dating back from the early 1900’s to the present day. He is intending to share this with the museum and has also negotiated an arrangement with the local library service for the data to become a resource that can be made available to local residents, ex- pat Widnesian/ Runcornians and historians. The Trust has been able to also access some free computers which can be used by the museum to allow visitors to access the archive materials.
The TiW messageboard has developed a fantastic range of affiliate schemes to generate income.
We set up an environmental recycling project for old mobile phones
Fund raising

  • We have held several members forums including a question of sport or weakest link games incorporated to add light relief.
  • We have had stands at local tournaments
  • We have run 2 Family fundays and barbecues
  • We have held two junior members parties
  • We have held one murder mystery evening; Shirt sponsor night,

The Trust helped to form a’ Widnes fans group’ – bringing together the various fans groupings under one banner to co-ordinate fund raising activities.
The flagship of the Trust remains our fanzine which has this season produced 6 sell out editions, and also this year co-ordinated the production of a professional handbook presenting the work of the Trust to its existing and potential members.
The fanzine team have developed several productive relationships with local businesses who have taken out corporate membership and who are also now taking a positive interest in the youth work carried out by the Trust.

This year we sponsored the two academy teams – in conjunction with the Supporters club. We also provided funds for body fat monitors for the academy teams, polo shirts for the grand final appearance of the under 21 team at Halifax.
We have made donations to Halton Haven and Steve Prescott fund.
Members of the committee have undertaken sponsored walks for British heart foundation and Leukemia; also more recently for the Mike Gregory Trust.
In addition, members of the committee have collaborated with the operations manager to prepare corporate sponsorship packages and presentations to external parties. Produce photographs of the teams for club purposes, liaised over learning and development opportunities for the academy teams.

Written by J7D8G19